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No Credit Lease

What happens after I subscribe?

So, you've made a subscription (hurray!) and now you're wondering what happens between now and getting your car? Below are the key steps that your subscription will follow Steps:Booking requestedApproval checksSubscription Finalisation Get your car question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

Does All Season Rental perform background checks?

Here's some info on the checks we carry out before we can confirm bookings with us We carry out an identity check, a check on your driving history, and a soft credit search - none of which will affect your credit score. We may request additional documentation, such as a proof of address if necessary. This information will only be used to determine whether you can take out a car subscription - none of this information will be shared with any third parties. There are also a few criteria you have to meet to take out a car subscription with Drover - this is so that all of our subscriptions run smoothly, and to make sure that we can insure you. You must: Be at least 22 years old (certain restrictions apply if you are under 25 years old Hold a full UK driving licence (not a provisional or paper licence) Have held your UK licence for at least 12 months, or be able to provide evidence that your licence was exchanged from a designated country through the DVLA

*If you have held your licence for less than 12 months, you may still apply. However, you will need to provide your own insurance. Additionally, you cannot book a car with us if any of the following apply: You have more than 6 points on your licence You have more than one CU conviction You have any major driving convictions in the last 3 years (DVLA offence codes IN, CD, DR, DD, UT, TT, AC and BA) You have been disqualified from driving in the last 5 years

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

Our cancellation policy depends on the type of booking you have with us: Monthly Rolling Bookings
Let us know in writing (using this web form) that you'd like to cancel at least 7 days before your renewal date. If you miss this deadline, you may have to pay for the following month too. For new bookings, please tell us at least 72 hours before the booking start date to cancel without charges. If you let us know with less than 72 hours' notice, fees will apply.

Fixed-term Bookings (3-24 months)
All we require is a 14-day notice after your 3rd month, If you'd like to cancel within the first 3 months you have a 14-day cooling-off period, which starts when your booking is confirmed, which starts when your booking is confirmed, to cancel without charges. Collection costs and pro-rata hire fees may apply if the car has been delivered during the 14-day period. You will also be liable for an excess mileage fee in case the mileage allowance is exceeded. After the cooling-off period, you'll need to pay an early termination fee to cancel. The early termination fee will be 20% of your outstanding booking cost or one month's payment – whichever is higher. For more detail on cancellations, get in touch with our team using this web form.

What happens once you’re approved?

You'll be able to subscribe! Subscribing to a more expensive car? If you’d like to subscribe to a more expensive car, we’ll need to complete an affordability check. In all cases, this information will be requested by us through our partner Credit Kudos. Credit Kudos is a secure online platform that gathers information using your online banking details, to facilitate our affordability checks. If you'd rather opt out of Credit Kudos, we will contact you to request a bank statement instead and give you full details on how to provide this. What is Credit Kudos?

Credit Kudos is a secure online platform that gathers information using your online banking details, to facilitate our affordability checks. If we do require any further information we'll be in touch as soon as possible via phone or email to confirm additional details, so watch your inbox!

Can I use my own insurance?

1) Select a car and the type of subscription you want Customise your subscription with the mileage, duration and delivery option you want. On the insurance option, choose “Not included - add your own policy”. Complete all the steps of the normal subscription process on our website. 2) Get approved! Once you select a car, your Drover profile will be assessed by our Approvals Team so all checks can be made and your account can be approved. You can read more about these checks here. 3) Find the right cover Use the car VRN and value details we provide to shop around for suitable comprehensive covers. You must inform the insurer at the application stage that you are neither the owner or the registered keeper of the vehicle, and that in case of a total loss, your insurer must compensate the lawful owner of the vehicle for its market value directly. The comprehensive policy you’d like to propose for assessment must meet or exceed the following criteria: You must purchase a comprehensive motor policy The main policyholder must also be the main driver on the subscription We do not accept telematics-based products The policy must start on or before your vehicle delivery date In the event of a total loss, your policy must cover the market value of the vehicle Your excess must be below £1,500 You must tell your insurer that you lease the vehicle and are not the keeper or owner For comparison, our Insurance Product Information Document can be found here. Extra tip - send your quote to info@allseasonrental.co.uk This is not a mandatory step, but you can send us your quote prior to completing the insurance purchase. We are happy to assess if it fulfils our requirements and advise if any change should be made. If you need to request a change in your insurance policy after completing the purchase, an admin fee might be applied. 4) We’ll review everything Please send us the following documents in order to get your policy approved: Certificate of Motor Insurance Policy Schedule Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) We may also ask you for your full policy wording later if we require it. We’ll review your submission in 24 hours and let you know by email whether we accept or reject your proposed policy. If we decline the policy, you can try and find a more suitable alternative, or just cancel free of charge if you don’t wish to proceed. 5) Booking confirmed! Once we have received your policy documents and are satisfied that everything is in order, we’ll confirm by email and arrange for your car to be delivered.

Will I need to pay the Dart charge and the Congestion charge?

When subscribed to a car with us, you're responsible for paying the following charges:

Dartford Charge
Whenever you cross the Dartford Bridge you must pay the toll within 24 hours. If you cross the bridge without paying the toll, a penalty charge notice will be issued. You can find out more about the dart charge here.

Congestion Charge
The Congestion Charge is a daily charge from TFL if you drive within the Congestion Charge zone within certain hours of the day.

How does All Season Rental deal with PCNs?

What is a PCN? A PCN is a Penalty Charge Notice, issued to drivers for offences like parking a vehicle in a restricted area, driving in a bus lane or failing to pay the Congestion Charge. The notice can either be sent in the post, delivered by hand or affixed to your car windscreen. You have 28 days to pay a PCN or submit an appeal if you disagree with it. If you pay within 14 days from the issuing date, the PCN price is reduced by around 50%. PCNs require payment of a fine but do not result in a criminal record or points on a driving licence. An unpaid PCN is treated as Civil Debt and can result in additional County Court charges or Bailiff’s action if it remains unpaid. What happens if I receive a PCN? If we receive a PCN for the car that you’re subscribed to, you’ll be notified via text message and email. This email will contain an image of the PCN. When we come to process the PCN, we will contact the issuing authority and attempt to request for a transfer of liability to the name and address associated with your Drover account. Once this has been done you will be notified in a separate email. You will only need to await the reissued fine in your name. At this point you can take the relevant action. If the transfer of liability is not successful due to circumstances beyond our control, we will proceed with the payment of the fine and will notify you of this via email. Some penalty tickets are not eligible for a transfer of liability, therefore the payment will be processed by All Season Rental and any charges will be applied to your account shortly after. For example: Prepaid PCNs, Bus Lane PCNs (for contraventions which occur only in Greater London) and TFL Congestion Charge PCNs. How can I make the payment for my PCN? If you would like to pay off the PCN, you can do this directly via the issuing authorities website. Once you have done this, you will need to let us know in response to this email and provide us with a copy of the payment confirmation so that we can update our platform accordingly. If the PCN is no longer at the discounted price please contact info@allseasonrental.co.uk before paying. Does All Season Rental charge an admin fee for handling PCNS? Yes, we charge a £42 admin fee for every PCN received. Can receiving multiple PCNs affect my booking? For safety reasons, if you receive multiple PCNs we may need to reassess your suitability to have a subscription with us. This may result in your subscription being terminated early and cancellation fees will apply. What if I get a PCN or speeding fine for whilst I was driving in another country? If we receive any PCNs or speeding tickets for your vehicle whilst you were driving it in another country (with relevant insurance), these will be automatically paid at the original price and charged to your account accordingly. We do not offer appeals for these in any case.

How can I change my payment date?

If you'd like to change your payment date permanently, please reach out to our team on our website before your next payment is due so this can be arranged. You may need to pay a portion of the subscription fee to cover the days in between the current and new payment date.

I can no longer afford my subscription, what shall I do?

We're committed to ensuring our subscriptions aren't putting you in any financial difficulty. If you'd like to discuss this with our team, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your options. This could be setting up a payment plan, swapping your car for a cheaper option, or ending your booking (a cancellation fee may apply). You can reach out to our team on our website and we'll be back with you ASAP. Please note that regularly missing payments without contacting us could affect your credit score and may lead to the car being recovered.

When will my subscription payments be taken?

The first month's subscription payment, joining fee and any delivery fees are charged as soon as your account (including any additional drivers) is approved and your vehicle has been confirmed. This will be on average 1-4 days after you've placed your subscription. Please have the required amount available within this timeframe as we will take the payment as soon as the above steps have been completed. If you can't make the first payments within the timeframe above please let us know as soon as possible as we will be able to advise you on how to proceed. If the first payment attempt fails, we will notify you that we have 24 hours to try again or your subscription may be cancelled.

All future monthly payments will be taken the day before your next monthly renewal date. I.e. if your car was delivered on the 15th, your monthly payments will be on the 14th of each month.

General Questions

What documents do I need when I hire a vehicle?

Before you hire a car from us you’ll need to make sure you have a valid photocard licence. If you have the old paper licence, then you’ll also need a valid photo ID (i.e. a passport or other photo ID),proof of employment and a valid credit or debit card. You’ll also need at least one proof of address, dated within the last three months. New customers need to bring their driving licence and two recent proof of address which are dated and no older than three months. Acceptable documents include: bank/credit card statement, utility/­phone bill. Returning customers who haven't hired for more than three months and still reside at the same address need to bring 1 proof of address, as well as their driving licence. If you have moved house since you last hired, you will need to bring two proofs of address.

Can I rent a car with only cash?

In a word, no. We require payment on a card in the driver’s name for at least the deposit, preferably for the deposit and the hire charges.

Do I need insurance to rent a car?

Yes, we charge an addional amount for the cost of insurance which is payable by the hirer. However, companies usually offer extra incentives if you use your own insurance - personally, we offer a 20% discount here.

Can I use my own insurance?

Yes, the vehicle can be covered by your own fully compre­­hen­­sively insurance, however most personal policies will not cover hire vehicles. For all vehicles taken on customers’ own insurance, a 20% discount will be applied. Please email a copy of your insurance prior to collecting the vehicle.

What is car hire excess insurance?

Car hire excess insurance is exactly what it sounds like - it’s designed to cover a certain amount of excess if the car is damaged or stolen. Car hire excess cover is similar in lots of ways to travel insurance, in that you can buy it either as a single or annual policy. If the customer is providing their own insurance they must ensure the total value of the vehicle is covered during the hire period.

Can I reduce the Insurance Excess?


Do I need to leave a security deposit?

A deposit of £250- £500 is required on credit/debit card.

Does the deposit have to be paid on my credit/debit card?

The deposit has to be paid on a credit or debit card in the driver’s name, deposits are normally taken via a pre-autho­­risa­­tion. However, if the hire is over 6 days, the deposit will be banked. Pre-Autho­­risa­­tions typically take between 5-7 working days to drop off, whereas banked deposits will be refunded when the vehicle is returned and can typically take up to 3 days to show.

What are your age restrictions for hiring vehicles?

For cars and vans, all drivers need to be 21 yrs old or over with at least 12 months driving experience. The exception is performance cars, where the driver has to be over 23 years of age. We can also accept drivers aged 20, however a young driver fee will apply,where the driver must have at least 24 months driving experience.

Do you provide one-way hires?

No. All vehicles do need to be returned to our depots in London. Collection can be pre-arranged from your home/work address at an extra charge.

Do I need to bring extra car seats for young children?

We don’t provide extra car seats here at Intack Self Drive, so you’ll need to bring your own if you’re hiring a vehicle from us. If you ever hire from other companies, we’d still generally advise bringing your own if you can - partially because it’s often simply cheaper and easier for you. For starters, you can be certain that your child already comfortably fits in it, and it saves you the price of having to hire one for the duration of your car rental. The cost can be pretty high, too!

I have penalty points on my licence, can I still hire a vehicle?

We can accept up to 6 points for certain offences, if you have any points please confirm with the rental operator when booking your vehicle.

Collection & Delivery

Where do I collect the vehicle from?

We have 2 collection points in East London,First one is close to Canning Town underground station and the second collection point is based in Mile End.

Can I leave my car when I hire a vehicle?

Yes, we have a car park were vehicles can be left at the owner’s risk.

Can you deliver the vehicle to me?

Yes! we deliver all over the UK

How much fuel is in a vehicle when I take it and what is the fuel policy?

We keep at least 1/4 tank of fuel but this may vary and we expect the same on return.

Are there any mileage limits?

Yes there is, different vehicles have different mileage restrictions please ask the rental agrent for more information.

How much do I have to pay if I go over my mileage allowance?

Excess mileage is charged at 20p per mile plus VAT

What happens if I damage a rental car?

The customer will be liable for all damage to the vehicle.

Can I take a vehicle overseas?

We do allow cars to go overseas, additional charges may apply.

Can I return a vehicle after the offices close?

Yes. The gates are open until 8pm for vehicles to be returned. A member of staff will be on site Monday – Sunday to hand the keys to.

What happens when I bring a rental car back early?

There is no premium refunded if a vehicle is returned early.