What is No Credit Check Leasing?

When people need to lease a car or van but find themselves with no credit or poor credit history they worry they will not get a car finance deal or that their finance options will be limited.

It’s true that getting car finance through mainstream dealers and car finance companies will prove much more difficult if you have no credit or bad credit.

However, All Season is different:

  • We only lease to people and businesses with bad credit.

  • We are not a broker. We lease and finance the vehicles ourselves.

  • We don’t use your credit score to make a financial decision.

So do not let your bad credit stop you from leasing.

How Do I Apply?

  • Complete an application form online for Personal leasing or Business leasing.

  • We will then be in touch to ask you for some supporting documentation;

    • which is usually your last 3 month’s bank statements,

    • a copy of your driver’s license 

    • a copy of 2 recent proof of address

    • a copy of your passport

    • a copy of employment details or payslip


  • Be at least 20 Years old

  • Provide proof of employment

  • Valid Credit and Debit card

  • 1 Year driving Experience

One Monthly payment

We sort your car, tax, breakdown cover & optional insurance & servicing 

Low Deposit upfront

With 1-24 month bookings and no large initial payments, you are in control.

No lengthy application

E-sign your rental agreements from the comfort of your own home.

14 day cancellation notice

No lengthy contracts.

We require a 14-day cancellation notice after your cooling off period.